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The hair transplant procedure takes around 6-8 hours. The duration of the process may vary depending on the target area, the suitability of the donor area, the transplantation method, and the complexity of the procedure (curly hair transplant, damaged target area).

The method of hair transplantation is among the factors that directly determine the level of pain during the surgery. The patients who go through light anesthesia do not feel pain during the process.When local anesthesia without sedation is applied, the patient may feel pain during the anesthesia injection. The patients do not feel pain after the injection is complete.It is possible for the patient to prefer painless anesthesia as well.

A great number of people generally prefer the winter season to get a hair transplant. That’s because the sun may have damaging effects on the patients who received the procedure.The hair transplantation procedure can be performed throughout the year. Choosing when to get a hair transplant is entirely the person's own preference.

Yes. You need to wash your hair with special shampoo every day for 1 month after the hair transplant. Our doctors will give you instructions for washing also you could find the instructions on our blog page.

The patients must inform the doctors about the medications and blood thinners that they use on a regular basis. The doctor may ask the patient to take a break from their medication until the hair transplant procedure is complete. The patient is to discontinue taking their medications within the specified period.The patient should stop drinking alcohol or drinks that contain alcohol a week before the procedure as they have direct effects on the circulatory system.Taking part in sports and intense exercises or not recommended as they increase blood circulation in the body, which results in more bleeding during the procedure. Patients are advised to stop smoking before and after the procedure so as to expected healing process is not prolonged.

The patient must prefer wider shirts and t-shirts in order to preserve the transplanted area from harmful impacts.Impacts that may damage the transplanted area should be avoided.Pills and medications prescribed by the doctor must be taken regularly.The patient must not indulge in sports activities. The patients must be aware of the weather and make sure that their head is not exposed to rain and excessive sunlight.The advised pillow must be used for sleep.The patient must avoid dusty areas.The transplanted area should not be touched or scratched in any case.The patient should not bend their head over and must be quite careful with their head movements.A person must be present with the patient at all times especially when the patient is going to have a long trip after the procedure.

The transplanted area must be protected from impacts for 12 days. The day after the procedure is especially critical and the patient must be extremely careful. After the 12-day period, the hair follicles are fully seated and the crusting begins to fall off. The donor area, where the hair follicles are taken, requires a 12-day period to recover as well. The vulnerability of the transplant area takes around a month.

No limitation is set for sexual intercourse after the operation, but you are recommended to avoid strenuous effort.

Provided that the utmost care and attention are taken, the patient may return to their daily routine 12 days after the hair transplantation.

The patient who has undergone the hair transplant surgery will go through the following timeline. Shock loss begins within a month. After 1 month, hair starts to grow from the transplanted hair follicles. After 3 months, the new hair begins to appear. Almost half of the hair follicles grow hair within 6 months. After 1 year, the result of the hair transplant is visible and almost all of the transplanted follicles grow hair.The growth rate of transplanted hair might be slower than the patient’s regular hair.The patient who has gone through the procedure must attend regular check-ups.

Hollywood smile; It is the process of creating a beautiful smile by designing the most suitable and flashy teeth for the person.

In the Hollywood Smile design process, the treatment process is created by evaluating the patient's condition first, so the duration varies for each patient. If there is no need for implant and orthodontic treatments; It can be finished in an average of 3 to 15 days.

-Porcelain Veneer: It is a leaf porcelain veneer applied to the front parts of the teeth by slightly abrading the tooth surfaces. This process is especially preferred for crooked, intermittent, small or very yellow colored teeth. It is a process that can be performed in a short time and the least intervention to the tooth tissue is performed in this method. In this way, it is ensured that the tooth structure is preserved. They are indistinguishable from natural teeth thanks to their light transmission feature. -Teeth Whitening: Another point for a beautiful smile is white teeth. Teeth whitening can be done with the method determined by the dentist. It is not needed if the whiteness level of the teeth is sufficient. -Implant Treatment: If there is tooth loss that disrupts dental aesthetics, it can be removed with implant treatment. After the examination, detailed information will be given to the patient about which procedures will be applied.

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